Working Capital

Finance to help your business keep running and growing

Quick Stats on Working Capital


$25,000 - $10M+


Fortnightly or Monthly 


Can run indefinitely or have a fixed term


In as little as 24 hours


Low rates for secured, competitive rates for unsecured available


Good business history with some financial supporting documents

What are the types of working capital solutions?


Working Capital is a broad term for a few different kinds of products.


You might be more familiar with products names like Line Of Credit, Overdraft, Invoice Finance, Trade Finance or Unsecured Cash Loan. 


All of these products are used for working capital for a business and all have their unique advantages and considerations when using this type of funding. 


The key differences between the many working capital products is usually around the security of the loan.


For example, invoice finance uses the debtors and invoices in your business as security, while a term loan might be secured against a property or a cash loan will have no security. 

Skyward Financial can help your business grow by finding you the optimal working capital solution.